Taking Back Financial Control

​Each young adult consumer is partnered with an "Agent of Change" to help guide, advise, and lead themalongtheir road to financial security and wellness.The program also offers year round free tax preparation to qualifiedindividuals.


​​​Upcoming Housing Project

The RM Society has purchased a section of land in southeast Houston in order to build a modern contemporary, eco-friendly and self-sustaining residential units for individuals with visual impairments and multi-use space for people with disabilities. THERMS is holding a design competition to come up with the most unique design for the residential complex. The Housing Complex will provide housing designed specifically for blind and visually impaired to meet the needs of living lives of independence. Facility will be staffed around the clock to assist them and offer a wide range of activities daily to maintain participation engagement.

Through collective impact partnerships with local businesses and organizations, our young adults receive a full spectrum of social support services, including but not limited to housing, mental health counseling, and career focused education supportive services (such as the completion of GED and/or trade credentials.


1. Life Skills-Supports with assistance in the following areas:

  • Daily Living Tasks (shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry)

  • Finding safe transitional and/or permanent housing

  • Transportation training

  • Advocacy

  • Obtaining a GED and educational planning past high school

  • Money Management

  • Wellness

  • Bridging of healthy connections to biological and extended families

  • Social Skills

  • Community Resources

  • Personal Safety

  • Communication


2. Pre-Employment Transition Services

  • Pre-ETS program provides lessons specific to each of the five WIOA required activities. These lessons will engage students in meaningful learning to support independent adult living and work. Lessons are leveled to meet the needs of all learners. Each lesson plan engages students in active, cross curricular learning through the use of additional materials including resource books, pictorial instruction, software, appsand videos.

  • Work Readines

  • Self Advocacy

  • Work - based Learning Services (WBL)

  • Post Secondary Counseling on Education

  • Career Exploration


3. Vocational Adjustment Training


(VAT) services help a client learn and adjust to the daily workspace routine. Clients will develop the skills necessary to function successfully on the job and in the community. Classes include the followig:

  1.  Exploring the "You" in Work -To assist the consumer to learn about and understand their work personality, interests, values and transferable skills

  2. Soft Skills for Work Success - To develop essential skills related to effective communication, problem solving, work habits and work ethics

  3. Soft Skills to Pay the Bills - To introduce youth to workplace interpersonal and professional skills, focusing on 6 areas: communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem solving and critical thinking, and professionalism

  4. Entering the World of Work - To assist the consumer to gain knowledge and skills related to work place expectations, rules, and laws

  5. Preparing for a Job Search, Pre - ETS only - To focus on developing skills essential for a job search i.e. Exploring Jobs with the Occupational Outlook Handbook, Collecting of consumer's employmentdata, Job Applications, Resumes, Creating an "elevator" speech, Interviews, Written correspondence, and References

  6. Disability Disclosure Training - To assist the consumer to make informed decisions about disclosing his or her disability and understand the effects of the decision

  7. Money Smart, A financial Education Training - To assist the consumer to learn the basics of handling their money and finances, including how to create positive relationships with financial institutions

  8. Public Transportation Training - To assist consumer to be able to use his or her own chosen mode of public transportation to travel to one or more location within the community


4. Employment Services

  • Job Skills Training – This service takes place on the job. It involves direct assistance with orientation, Job task training, and other identified training needs on the job that do not fall under any of the otheremployment service categories.

  • Non - Bundled Job Placement Services – These services include interview training, Resume and Employer Data Sheet completion, and Application training.

  • Bundled Job Placement Services – This employment assistance includes the following training and assistance; Employment Data Sheet/Résumé, Cover letter, thank you letter, References, Assistance with Job Search Process, Application Completion, Interview Training and Process, Worksite Accommodations,
    Pre - Employment Testing, Salary and position Negotiation, and Preparing for First Day on the Job

  • Supported Employment Services – These services are for a longer term than the other employment services and are reserved for those who have not previously worked or volunteered on a jobsite. Service include; all of the services under bundled job placement and job skills training combined. Services continue as long as client needs them up through stability, successful closure, and beyond.


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Young adults with disabilities

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High Need Youth and those first in family to aspire to go to college

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Out of school and out of work, aged 14-22 years

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