It is our mission to be agents of change by removing obstacles and motivating youth, individuals with disabilities and others in our community at risk to live their best lives.


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  • Agents of Change

  • Leaders in Our Community

  • Dedicated to Building the Bridge from Impossible to Possible

  • Lighthouse to Steer Others to Safety

  • Dedicated to Making a Difference

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About the Visionary and Founder

The RM Society, is a mission driven venture organization established in 2017, by Riochi Giles, a Houston native who has dedicated her life to being an Agent of Change, impacting lives one at a time. As a teen, Riochi began a mentorship program called The Junior Mentor League. It was geared towards identifying and assisting students who were at-risk or who had stopped attending middle school or high school. She helped facilitate successful transitions from middle school to high school and high school to college/technical schools by connecting students to college and community resources. Riochi played a major role in each student life by taking out time to teach them Life Skills; helping them establish schedules for completion of course work, balancing course requirements with extracurricular activities, and financial budgeting. Riochi has always understood the dreams of today’s youth. And she knows how fragile they can be. Abuse, neglect, poverty and lack of resources threaten dreams and keeps them from becoming reality. Riochi has chosen to devote her life to creating opportunities and programs of change that will help those involved to reach their greatest potential and live the lives they dream of living.

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